\"Not My Cup Of Tea\"

This cabinet is a follow-up project of the Splendour Lender; a porcelain cabinet that reflects upon ...



Eigen Huis & Interieur HAPPY Award


Nomination Sanoma Woon Awards 2014

Nominated for the Sanoma Woonawards 2014. 

Eigen Huis & Interieur award.


During Dutch Design Week 2013 also at Collaboration O 19-28 Okt.

Graduation Show Okt 2013

Exhibition droog 16 Jul - 22sept 2013

Exhibition Zuiderzee Museum 6-14 July 2013

Exhibition MU 24 April - 5 Mei 2013

Exhibition Milaan 9-14 april 2013

Money Socks

Bringing money to the banks is not as safe as we thought before. My grandmother had a solution for ...

Splendour Lender

Status has always been part of life. It shows a certain prestige and reveals our position in ...

Hotel Not Hotel - Casa No Casa

Hotelroom for Hotel Not Hotel, Amsterdam

Casa No Casa.

With its year-round...

Money Back Guarantee No. 2

A converted vending machine where money can be trown in but ultimately has no costs. One euro coin ...

Reverend Stirling Plays A Tune And Serves Tea

Inspired by the three brothers Banu Musa who invented the first mechanical music instrument. I ...

Strolling Clockworks

We say that the time ‘is p;assing by’. With these words we give time a spatial dimension. This ...

Money Back Guarantee No.1

A converted vending machine where money can be thrown in but in the end has no costs. One euro coin ...

Collaboration O

I\'m A member of Collaboration-O. This is an Eindhoven based collective of 14 Designers and artists....




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Jelle Mastenbroek is an Eindhoven based artist/designer who devotes his work to story telling by ...

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