Jelle Mastenbroek

“ Not My Cup Of Tea “

This cabinet is a follow-up project of the Splendour Lender; a porcelain cabinet that reflects...

Gallerie Majke Hüsstege - Money Socks -2014

from 11 November 2014 the money socks is to be seen in Gallerie Majke Hüsstege. Gallery of the year 2014.

Verwersstraat 28
5211 HW ‘s-Hertogenbosch



On September 24th 2014, the boutique Chamber opens in New York. Studio Job were invited to select the first 100 objects that are presented in the boutique. \"Not My Cup Of Tea\" is one of them.



During the 2014 edition of the Dutch Design Week, from 18th to 26th of October, the Collaboration O design team offers visitors a chance to spend the night in their working environment, which is part of the official DDW programme. They will ‘re-create’ two rooms in the style they developed for Hotel Not Hotel. 


DDW - Collaboration O - 2014

18 till 26 October 2014.

Collaboration O, Sectie C
Daalakkersweg 6-56 Eindhoven


EH&I HAPPY Award - 2014

Happy to announce to be a winner of the Eigen Huis & Interieur HAPPY Award


Nomination Sanoma Woon Awards - 2014

Nominated for the Sanoma Woonawards 2014. 
Eigen Huis & Interieur award.


Dutch Design Week - Collaboration O - 2013

19-28 Oktober 2013 
Collaboration O, Sectie C
Daalakkersweg 6-56, Eindhoven.


Graduation Show - 2013

Graduation show, Design Academy Eindhoven
De witte dame
19 okt. - 27 okt. 2013


Exhibition droog - 2013

16 Jul - 22 september 2013


Exhibition Zuiderzee Museum - 2013

 6-14 July 2013


Exhibition Milaan - 2013

During the Salone my graduation work is part of the Exhibition Linking process - Design Academy Eindhoven - Curated by Miriam van der Lubbe. 

9-14 april 2013
Venture Lambrate, Milaan


Money Socks

Bringing money to the banks is not as safe as we thought before. My grandmother had a solution...

Splendour Lender

Status has always been part of life. It shows a certain prestige and reveals our position in...

Hotel Not Hotel - Casa No Casa

Hotelroom Hotel Not Hotel, Amsterdam
Casa No Casa.
With its year-round 19,5° average, this...

Money Back Guarantee No. 2

A converted vending machine where money can be trown in but ultimately has no costs. One euro...

Reverend Stirling Plays A Tune And Serves Tea

Inspired by the three brothers Banu Musa who invented the first mechanical music instrument. I...

Strolling Clockworks

We say that the time ‘is p;assing by’. With these words we give time a spatial dimension....

Money Back Guarantee No.1

A converted vending machine where money can be thrown in but in the end has no costs. One euro...

Collaboration O

I'm a member of Collaboration-O. This is an Eindhoven based collective of 14 Designers and...


Jelle Mastenbroek is an Eindhoven based artist/designer who devotes his work to story telling by...

Studio adress:
Daalakkersweg 6-56
5641 JA...

The International Herald Tribune 15-04-2013

DAMn 38 may/june 2013