Jelle Mastenbroek

Jelle Mastenbroek

Over Rozen Gaan

Wealthy Dutchmen used to have display... read more

The Robin Who Wondered If He Was a Nightingale

Orkestleden van... read more

Porcelain Piano

Gold Fever Remedy

Gold does funny things to... read more

Safe Offering

Voor Safe Offering heeft Mastenbroek zich laten leiden door een
19e-eeuwse kast in empirestijl en blauw-wit porselein en deze ... read more

Better Safe Than Sorry

Better Safe Than Sorry reminds... read more

My First Music Box

My first music box. ... read more

Data Orchestra - Electro World

Atlas, Do You Have Any Change?


A vending machine which costs you nothing eventually.... read more

Data Orchestra

Influential companies collect more and more data subsequently to trade them. Indirectly personal details serve as a new sort of currency ... read more

Money Socks

Bringing money to the banks is not as safe as we thought before.... read more

Meneer Vis ging uit reizen..

Mr. Vis went on a journey... ... read more

As The World Turns

This work shows a double reflection. Initially it is a mirror in which you can have a complete ... read more


The camera has been noticing you. He caught you... read more

Ik Ga Weer Muziek Maken

A weather station... read more

Carrying The World On My Head

This work shows a double reflection. Initially it ... read more

Data Orchestra

Influential companies collect more and more data subsequently... read more

“Not My Cup Of Tea“

This cabinet is a follow-up project of the Splendour Lender; a porcelain cabinet that reflects upon status and happiness... read more

Miroir, Miroir Sur Le Mur...

Iconic objects of beauty interact with the reflection of the viewer.... read more

Splendour Lender

Status has always been part of life. It shows a certain prestige and reveals our position in society.... read more

Soda can Series

Money Back Guarantee No. 2

A vending machine which costs you nothing eventually. One euro coin is ... read more

Money Back Guarantee No.1

A vending machine which costs you nothing eventually. One euro coin is ... read more


Aan Tafel! - Expo Bart - 2020

Wandering Through... - Museum Joure - 2020

Museum Nacht 010 - 2020

Gewoon Bijzonder - 2019

Vrienden Voor Het Leven - Groninger Museum - 2019

Oerol - 2019

Royal Visit - 2019

This April... read more

Design#4: Jelle Masterbroek - Princessehof - 2019

Design Kwartier - Electriciteitsfabriek - 2018

Mint - Rock Paper Salt Air - 2018

Salone del Mobile 2018

 ... read more

Galleria Rossana Orlandi - 2018

Bar Anne -

SALON/CRAFT - Amsterdam - 2017

Dutch Design Week - 2017

From 21 till 29 October.

NEW ICONS– Rietveld now - Kazerne - 2017

Winner What If Lab: Marathon Eindhoven - 2017

Porselein met karakter - 2017 - Gemeentemuseum Den Haag

From 25 March till 22 October... read more

Big Art - 2016

From 19 November till 27 November ... read more

White Canvas - 2016 - Mint

Weather or Not - 2016 - MU

What Design Can Do - 2016

Bal! - 2016 - Paleis Soestdijk

Winner Milano Design Award 2016

Milano Design Award - Nominee - 2016

Nominated for the Milano Design Award 2016