Safe Offering

A 19th century Empire style cabinet, blue and white porcelain and a safe[read_more], constitute a large piggy-bank. When a coin is inserted, it tinkles down along the crockery and disappears into the safe. By doing so visitors of the Groninger Museum will help saving for future acquisitions. The original wooden doorpanel of the cabinet was depicting the moon goddess Selene. In the glass replacement her silhouette can still be recognized. Greek mythology reappears in the sound-hole, shaped like Apollo's lyre, god of music. On the wheels hidden under the safe, Hermes, god of trade and traffic, is depicted. Finally, Zeus shows off as supreme god on top of the cupboard. Acquired by the Groninger Museum, with support of Vrienden van het Groninger Museum Composition by Aart Strootman Photography Wim te Brake